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Erman Gören is a Professor of Classics. He was born in Istanbul in 1979. He began studying Classics at the University of Istanbul in 2000 and one year later he applied for the double major program of the Philosophy Department. In 2005 he graduated from both programs and was appointed as a "Research Assistant" at the Classics Department. In June 2008, he received his M.A. degree with his thesis entitled "The Use of Tropes and Relations between Areta, Nika, and Alatheia in the Wake of Light-Darkness Metaphor in Bacchylides". He received his PhD with dissertation entitled "The Relations between Name, Naming and Truth in Archaic Greek Poetry: (Re-)Naming in Pindar’s Victory Odes". He teaches Archaic Greek Poetry, Early and Classical Greek Thought, Ancient Greek Grammar, Introduction to Classics, and Classical Studies and Critical Theory. Gören's main research fields focus on the notions of truth in the Archaic Greek Poetry from the eight to fifth century BCE and also Plato and the neo-Platonists. He has written a number of articles on these topics in Turkish and English, compiled contextual lexica to Pindar and Bacchylides, and translated Plato's dialogues and Proclus' commentaries on them into Turkish. He focused in his postdoctoral research on synthesis of apophatic and kataphatic theological approaches in early Christian thought as a visiting scholar at Harvard Divinity School.